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2 Phoenix bail bondsmen killed in pursuit of suspect

PHOENIX — Two Phoenix bail bondsmen were shot dead while trying to capture an outstanding suspect.

According to police, the victims have been identified as David Brickert, 37, and Wesley Kampen, 39, of Sancutary Bail Bonds. The men were at a Phoenix apartment complex near 17th Avenue and Yucca Monday evening to take 25-year-old Anthony Brian Giunta into custody.

“They were in the process of escorting him out of the apartment where he’d been taken into custody. Another unknown suspect walked up behind the bondsmen, fired multiple rounds, shooting and killing these victims,” said Sgt. Steve Martos. Another person was grazed by gunfire.

Giunta escaped, filed off his cuffs, but police eventually caught up with him. He has not been cooperating with the investigation and has not identified the killer.

“This is a situation where we can use help from the community to help identify him,” said Martos.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call police.