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Business back to normal at Valley car washes

PHOENIX — Business is returning to normal at Valley car washes after a big storm blew though the Phoenix metro area last week.

Last week’s storm left thousands of car owners having to deal with caked-on muck from the blowing dirt and rain.

“Unprecedented, actually” said Tracey Accardo, owner of Classic Carwash in Phoenix. “We were doing 700 to 800 cars a day from Tuesday through Sunday.”

On a typical day, Accardo said her workers wash about 200 cars.

“The last time I saw this kind of business was two years ago after a haboob. It was only two days and that was it. We had almost 1,000 cars each day then it was over, this has gone all week,” said Accardo.

However, the extra business is welcome.

“It’s fantastic,” said Accardo.