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Family and friends of teenager killed by DPS officer hold march

PHOENIX — Family and friends of 16-year-old Alexander Wilson, a suspect shot and killed by a DPS officer on Sunday, marched in downtown Phoenix Friday.

“He didn’t get a chance to say sorry. He didn’t get a chance to explain what was going on and that’s why we are out here,” said Brittney Jackson, a member of Wilson’s family.

Jackson criticized the officer for showing little restraint, saying the shooting death of Wilson was unnecessary.

DPS reports that Wilson, who had a felony warrant for his arrest, was stopped in a stolen vehicle. The officer ordered the young man out of the car, but instead according to police reports, Wilson revved the engine and drove at the cop. A single shot was fired, killing the teenager.

“Officers are not meant to be judges and jurors,” said Jackson. “There’s such as thing as a trial, there’s something called jail. There could have been a different way to handle the situation.”

Jackson disputes the statements by DPS on what transpired Sunday and claims a witness has a very different account of what happened that night.

“An officer is just a human being who makes mistakes and lies and tells the truth. I don’t consider his testimony of what happened any more important than the anonymous witness that came forward.”

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