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Next generation office space slated to open in downtown Phoenix

(Facebook photo)

Stuffy, grey cubicle farms and water coolers appear to be on the way out. The new normal for the office is trending toward open concept work spaces with comfy chairs and bright colors.

According to a report in Phoenix Business Journal, the Monroe Building is finalizing plans to turn their sixth floor into creative suites.

The concept mirrors trends from tech giants in Seattle and Silicon Valley, where Facebook has the largest open concept office in the world with 2,800 employees in one room.

While the real estate trend has its critics, like J. Maureen Henderson who wrote for Forbes last year that the trend “needs to die,” others say this is the way all offices will be in the future.

“We envision this floor becoming a centralized creative center that flows with the building,” Matthew Avrhami of Rialto Capital Management which is handling this project with Monroe and Ironline Partners told Phoenix Business Journal. “We felt it was a good opportunity to provide something for the market that isn’t there. Office space is really going in this direction.”

The 18-story Monroe building, located at 1st Ave. and Monroe St. sold out two of the spaces before they even had permits for the renovations. The six floor can house two more suites depending on the size needed.

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