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Police arrest two in golf club theft

Phoenix police arrested two suspects Monday involved in the theft of a set of golf clubs.

Andrew Hargenrader, 35, allegedly confessed to the burglary after authorities informed him that he fit the description of the suspect.

On April 25, Police also identified and detained the suspect’s accomplice, 38-year-old Matt Tippett. He was jailed as the getaway driver in Hargenrader’s 2011 orange Dodge Charger.

Police were originally called to a residence at 26400 N. 64th Ave. about 5:15 p.m. on March 26. The victim said he heard a noise in his garage, saw the suspect fleeing with his golf clubs in the open trunk of a vehicle and gave chase. He did not catch the suspect.

Video taken by the homeowner showed the suspect fleeing with the Ping golf clubs, until the bag tripped him up.