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Avoid driving through heavy, blowing dust

PHOENIX — As blowing dust rolls through the Valley and much of Arizona Monday, the Arizona Department of Transportation is reminding drivers to stay safe on the roads.

“Put your car in park, turn the lights all the way off, keep your foot off the brake pedal and simply just wait out the dust storm,” Dustin Krugel with ADOT said.

The National Weather Service has a blowing dust and high wind advisory in effect for much of the state through 8 p.m.

Dust is expected to be the worst on Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Casa Grande.

High winds are also expected on Interstate 8 in southern Arizona and Interstate 40 in northern Arizona.

Krugel also suggests drivers tie down large loads so that objects don’t fly out and cause road hazards.

He said delaying travel is sometimes the best idea.

Some additional tips for safe driving can be found at