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Report: Arizona congressman’s bill would make silencers easier, cheaper to get

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — A bill introduced by an Arizona congressman would reportedly make silencers easier and cheaper to acquire.

CNN reports the bill, called the Hearing Protection Act, would replace a nine-month background check with an instant one and remove a $200 tax from the sale of silencers, also called suppressors. It was introduced by Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.).

Proponents of the bill, such as the National Rifle Association’s Chris Cox, argue silencers can help prevent gun enthusiasts from hearing loss.

“Despite common Hollywood-based misconceptions, the laws of physics dictate that no suppressor will ever be able to render gunfire silent. Suppressors are simply mufflers for firearms,” according to a statement from the American Suppressor Association, the trade group for manufacturers of silencers.

Opponents of the proposed legislation say silencers are a danger to both police officers and bystanders. Despite disagreeing with the bill, some critics are not allocating resources to oppose it.

Silencers are legal in 41 states, including Arizona.

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