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Group: Phoenicians should park car, ride bikes

PHOENIX — Many people find that driving to and from work is a hassle every day.

Members of the group Phoenix Spokes People think that drivers who clog up Valley freeways every morning “aren’t stuck in traffic. They are the traffic.”

The group has hundreds of members on its Facebook page who have decided to park their cars and peddle to work on their bikes. Karen Voyer-Caravona makes the two mile commute in Phoenix.

“It’s not hard,” she said. “Especially when you combine it with public transit, it really becomes easy. It’s not just, ‘Ugh, this hassle of having to get into my car.’ I’m getting my exercise at the same time.”

Lisa Parks is an interior designer who has to drive for her job but that may change.

“I’m actually considering changing my career so that I can work closer to where I live and get rid of a car and either take the light rail or take my bike everywhere.”

Anna Worble totaled her car in a recent accident. Instead of buying a new one, she’s decided to ride her bike. She said she’s saving money and getting good exercise.

“When I’m biking everyday, I feel better, I look better, I’m stronger and I’m more flexible,” she said.

The group wants the Phoenix City Council to find more money in the budget to improve bike lanes and bike paths in the city.

The group meets at 5 p.m. on the first Sunday of every month at Angel’s Trumpet Ale House in downtown Phoenix.

“All are welcome. You don’t have to own a bike,” said Worble. “You just have to show up, and you have to give a damn.”