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Faith in Humanity: Phoenix man passes out shirts, letters to homeless

Robert Thornton (right), founder of Paper Clouds Apparel, gives a letter of encouragement to a homeless man. (Paper Clouds Apparel Photo)

A Phoenix man who is already raising funds for charity is taking things to another level by hand-delivering shirts and letters of encouragement to homeless people.

Robert Thornton, the man behind Paper Clouds Apparel, said he noticed a lot of people who live on the streets in dirty clothing and wanted to do something to help. In addition to handing out shirts and the kind words, Thornton is also donating funds to help clothe the homeless.

Paper Clouds Apparel makes and sells T-shirts and caps based on artwork drawn by or inspired by children with special needs. Part of the money goes to a various causes, and he hires special-needs workers to pack them up for shipping.

His company has managed to raise $87,000 for autism awareness, childhood cancer, genetic disorders and child advocacy, among others.

The sales are organized into campaigns that last two weeks.

Paper Clouds accepts donations online.

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