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Jodi Arias’ parents said daughter had issues

The parents of Jodi Arias claimed their daughter dealt with “mental problems” and was “strange” when authorities interviewed them two months after Travis Alexander’s murder.

According to ABC News, the 32-year-old’s parents found out their daughter’s impending murder charge in the very interrogation room where Arias did headstands prior to being questioned in Yreka, Calif.

Arias’ mother, Sandy, explained that although she had “mental problems,” she does not believe her daughter killed Alexander. Arias told her mother she was in Utah when her ex-boyfriend was killed in Mesa, Ariz.

“I asked her. I ask her because that’s the first thing I ask her. She swore she did not go to Arizona. So, of course I believed her. You know, but I questioned her about it,” Sandy Arias said.

Arias’ father described his daughter’s persona as “strange,” noting there were specific instances that solidified his suspicions of her bizarre behaviors.

“Sometimes she’d call real sweet, and 10 minutes later, she’d call in a rage, you know, just screaming at my wife. She did that over the last year and a half,” William Arias said.