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Cactus League sets attendance record

Arizona’s Cactus League set an attendance record after totaling of over 1.7 million fans for the 2013 spring training season.

According to a release, the overall turnout increased by approximately 20,000 fans during the 37-day period at 10 stadiums.

“Attendance continues to grow year after year as baseball fans around the country realize the convenience of being able to watch 15 Major League baseball teams training in a single metropolitan area,” said Mark Coronado, President of the Cactus League Association.

Of the 255 games played, three in particular finished with single-game highs by the end of the season last Saturday.

Goodyear Ballpark’s March 16 game, featuring the San Francisco Giants vs. the Cleveland Indians, drew its highest numbers in its 5-year history with 11,023 fans. The Chicago White Sox vs. Los Angeles Dodgers matchup on March 23 accommodated a Cactus League record 13,721 fans. The March 25 game between the Giants and the Chicago Cubs hosted the Cactus League’s 12th-best attendance in history with 13,374 fans.