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Saddle up: Arizona Legislature approves state Cowboy Day

PHOENIX — Arizona lawmakers have voted to salute cowboys past and present with their own special day on the fourth Saturday of July each year.

It’s not just for cowboys, it’s for cowgirls like Kelsey Bradshaw of Heber, Ariz. too.

“Cowboys, cowgirls, anybody that likes to wear cowboy boots. Ranchers, farmers and pioneers too. Anybody with the cowboy spirit,” she said.

And National Day of the Cowboy isn’t just a salute to those who helped build Arizona from the saddle, it’s to honor men and women who still live the life

“The cattleman, farmers and ranchers of today need our support with legislation so they can continue that lifestyle and future generations can benefit,” said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw expects that Arizona will launch the holiday this July in style.

“Anything from private parties, parades, festivals, rodeos. Many of these events are already in existence in Arizona.”

Arizona is the fourth state in the nation to have a special day to honor cowboys.