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Great Scott! ‘Back to the Future’ stars reunite on late night talk show

On “Back to the Future” Day, a.k.a. Oct. 21, 2015, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” viewers saw two special guests who decided to drop in for a surprising appearance: Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

(OK, it wasn’t actually McFly and Brown, it was their real-life counterparts Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, but we can pretend.)

The pair dropped into Kimmel’s show Monday night after their Delorean broke down and were greeted to a slew of happy viewers, but McFly and Brown themselves weren’t too pleased with the future they were given.

“So, are people watching us on TV right now?” McFly asked Kimmel while donning his signature red vest and high-top Nikes.

“Yes, people are watching us on TV right now” Kimmel replied. “Although, honestly, most people will probably watch us on their phones on the toilet tomorrow.”

“That’s gross,” McFly said.

Brown was also perplexed by the fact that we, in the future, don’t have flying cars or hoverboards yet.

(We agree, let’s get on that, people!)

Even though the future is free of flying cars and hoverboards, one prediction from “Back to the Future II” did come true Monday: Self-tying laces. Nike released its first pair of 2015 Nike Mags to Fox on Monday, the first shoe of its kind.

All proceeds from the limited-edition sales will go towards Fox’s foundation to fund Parkinson’s research.

With the hopefully possible cure to Parkinson’s disease, the future actually looks pretty bright!


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