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Tips to help your children prepare for AIMS testing

PHOENIX — As Valley teachers get ready to start AIMS testing, child behavior experts say there are some things parents can do to help children prepare.

“Children have a lot of weight on their shoulders,” said DeAnn Davies, Director of Healthy Steps. “We attach so much to them within our educational system, children may have more anxiety than parents realize.”

You can start by having a positive attitude about the testing process and pass it along.

“Celebrate that this is really is a time for your child to show what they really know,” said Davies.

Have a conversation with your child about the testing and let them know this test is very important, but does not measure intelligence, according to Davies. You should emphasize that this is a guideline that provides insight into how far they are progressing towards their goal of graduation.

Finally, keep your child on a consistent routine when it comes to eating, sleeping and studying. A well-rested, well-fed child will do better on exams.