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Arizona State University partners with new company for online course material

ASU has partnered with a new company in order to provide students with a greater amount of learning materials. (Facebook/ASU Online)

PHOENIX — In a move that could greatly enhance learning experience for students, Arizona State University partnered with a new online course material provider, according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

The university signed a three-year deal on Wednesday with ProQuest SIPX, a Michigan-based company that provides digital course materials for higher education. The article said the company uses material that can either be accessed openly or through a school’s library system.

The service will be integrated into Blackboard, ASU’s learning management system, and can be enabled by anyone at the school to access course readings.

Chief Academic Technology Officer for ASU Online Adrian Sannier said ASU will continue to invest in technologies to advance the higher education experience.

“Our goal is to continue preparing students for success and deliver a great university experience,” he said in a recent press release. “By expanding access to our library, we are providing the tools needed regardless of our students’ physical location.”

Franny Lee, ProQuest SIPX general manager, said in the press release that the university is a thought leader in online learning innovation and the company is “excited” to work with them.

ASU will join other universities such as Pepperdine, Notre Dame, Purdue and Stanford in offering ProQuest, according to the article. The company said it has saved its customers, including these universities, nearly $4 million to date.

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