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Awwww! Elderly man invited to British radio station studio after calling in for company

Bill phoned BBC Radio Solent. He was upset, lonely and missing his wife.Alex decided to invite him in.We sent a cab to pick him up, have a listen to what happened next.

Posted by BBC Radio Solent on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

(Warning: The following video is full of adorable content that will definitely make you smile.)

After a 95-year-old man named Bill called into a UK radio show last week looking for some company, the radio station decided to lend the man a little bit of a helping hand, according to Buzzfeed.

Bill called into the radio show because he was lonely and missed his wife, BBC Radio Solent producer Chris Hitchings said.

His wife had recently been admitted to a hospital after a severe fall and was transferred into a nursing home soon after, where Bill visits her daily, according to the article.

“I don’t think he had anyone else to talk to,” Hitchings said in an interview with Buzzfeed News.

Bill, who is a long-time fan of BBC radio host Alex Dyke, was swept away when the radio team paid for him to travel to the studio on Wednesday and even get a little taste of life behind the microphone.

Hitchings said Bill instantly because the star of the show and received “non-stop” calls from regular listeners.

Bill was received warmly by regular listeners of the show, who rang in non-stop for the opportunity to speak to the special guest.

“He’s such a nice guy and was lovely,” Hitchings said in an interview with Buzzfeed News.

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