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Schools chief Diane Douglas wants Board of Education to be held accountable to voters

PHOENIX — As power struggles continue at the Arizona Department of Education, Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas has suggested an idea as to how to make the Board of Education more accountable in her opinion.

If it were left up to Douglas, she would have members of the Board of Education voted in by the public rather than appointed by the governor.

“Many states have elected boards and I think that’s a very viable process,” Douglas said. “If (the public) love what has happened, they can reelect them time and time and time again and if they don’t like what has happened they can choose to make another decision but right now how do they have a voice if they don’t like the direction.”

Currently, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is auditing all of the state’s boards and commissions. Douglas said she would be open to sharing her ideas for the Education Board with Ducey.

“I have not had any conversations with him about that topic in particular but the governor knows that my door is always open, my phone line is always open to him,” she said.

It would take a public vote to amendment Arizona’s constitution to change the process of selecting Board of Education members.

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