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So. Arizona town poised to be 1st in state to OK civil unions

SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. — A former mining community in rural southern Arizona
that has shifted over the years into a liberal artists’ haven and tourist
destination is poised to become the first city in this conservative state to
legalize civil unions for same-sex couples.

The Bisbee City Council, on an initial vote Tuesday, unanimously endorsed an
ordinance that would give same-sex partners in civil unions the same rights in
the city as married couples, the Sierra Vista Herald reported.

A formal vote on the measure is scheduled April 2.

Councilman Ken Budge called the proposed ordinance long overdue. He described
Bisbee, which is more liberal than most communities in Cochise County, as a
“compassionate and open city” doing the right thing.

“We are the blue dot in a red state of red,” he said.

Some of the wording for the ordinance is from bills proposed but not passed in
the Republican-led Arizona Legislature.

The head of an influential advocacy group for social conservatives said the
group was studying how Bisbee’s proposal “interfaces with state law.”

“Clearly, Bisbee granting civil unions is not in accordance with state
policy,” said Cathi Herrod, president of the Phoenix-based Center for Arizona
Policy. “Clearly, it applies only in Bisbee.”

According to the ordinance, the city would be exercising “inherent powers of
self-government” under its city charter to attempt to reduce discriminatory

The proposed ordinance stated it is the right “of every person to enter into a
lasting and meaningful relationship with the partner of his or her choice,
regardless of the particular sexual orientation of that partnership.”

The measure means two people in a civil union would be considered spouses in
such matters as property ownership, guardianship in cases of illness, and
disposition of remains upon death, City Attorney John MacKinnon said.

Under the ordinance, same-sex couples could go to City Hall and get a form
indicating they want to enter into a civil union. The city clerk would file the
notarized form and a signed affidavit and then issue the couple a certificate of
the civil union.

The form would cost $76, the same cost of a marriage license.

Several Bisbee residents urged the council to support the measure.

Margo McCartney said after her partner of 16 years died, the partner’s daughter
had to sign all documents because the couple wasn’t married and had no rights.

“It’s so humiliating,” McCartney said through tears. “So. I’m hoping that
Bisbee will be out there first.”


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