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Change your online reputation so it doesn’t harm job prospects

What Google thinks about you matters to a potential boss, according to a Mashable article.

With 10 percent of non-celebrity people searches taking up Google search volume, a recruiter or hiring manager will most likely look you up before giving you a job. Kevin Nakao, author of the Mashable article, points out five ways to keep up with your online persona.

Google your name

Without being logged into Google, search your name and pay special attention to the first page. If anything negative appears about your name in the next 10 pages, consider how you can change it. Make a common name more specific by adding your middle name to LinkedIn and your resume.

Be the first

There are simple ways to make your name appear on the first pages of the results. You can customize your Linkedin URL with your name or set up a Google+ account, which helps bring your results up first. It also highlights information you want to include.

To demonstrate awards, you can use MeritShare. It can import public information off of LinkedIn, and also rewards you with online recognition as you showcase good in a co-worker as well.

Block the bad

Sites like Facebook allow you to mark specific content you don’t want in the public. Limit your profile access to friends only. There are also paid services to remove negative content associated with you.

Place what you want

You can choose articles or mentions that you want on the first page by using sites like BrandYourself.


Look for professional social networks in your area and have a public profile in them. Comment on an article, answer a question in Quora and share posts on social networks. Google looks at social activity for ranking.


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