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Pranksters take to Venice Beach to see who can wield Thor’s hammer

Fans of Marvel Comics are undoubtedly very familiar with Thor, one of the most central figures in the books and movies.  Known as the Asgardian god of thunder from Norse mythology, Thor is often portrayed in the comic books and movies as being the only person capable of wielding a magical hammer called Mjolnar.

In real life, Mjolnar is just a fancy looking hammer with no apparent magic powers.  That is, until a couple of pranksters took to Venice Beach to dupe innocent bystanders by rigging magnets inside the hammer that would prevent random people from being able to lift it off the ground.  Only a person with verified fingerprints for the fingerprint scanner installed inside the handle of the hammer is able to deactivate the magnets and pick up the tool.

Fair or not, watching overly confident adults struggle to pick up random objects proves to be a limitless source of entertainment.


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