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Paul Babeu sends letter to Napolitano on released illegals

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano demanding information on the hundreds of illegal immigrants her department released in the face of budget cuts.

In the letter, Babeu said he has requested information from Arizona-based staff members and has been denied. He goes on to say that, in the past, her department has argued it only has enough funds to focus on the worst criminals attempting to cross the border, the same people that were permitted to walk out of jails.

This is the same group that we are talking about here and the same criminal illegals that even you and President Obama has said you wanted to deport.

Babeu claimed he was not informed of the release. He also argued that these suspected criminals were released with no prior notice, meaning they might not have the support or financial means to take care of themselves.

This mass release is a recipe for disaster. Future victims of likely crimes will hold you and your administration responsible.

Earlier this week, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said she was “appalled” at the decision to release the suspected illegal immigrants, calling it “political posturing.”

To read the full letter, click here.