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Guns to be exchanged for Beyonce tickets?

A hip-hop mogul plans to clean the streets with mentorships and concert tickets.

According to New York Daily News, Tree Entertainment head Michael Williams proposed the idea of a program that will exchange concert tickets, cash and mentorships in exchange for illegal guns to NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and is still awaiting a response.

The goal of the program is to take guns off of the streets and help improve the lives of New York City youth.

“This program aims to provide young people with an opportunity to receive guidance and inspiration from committed mentors, an important option that will enable them to experience possibilities other than a life surrounded by gun violence and unnecessary shootings and killing,” Williams’ letter to Kelly reads.

Williams hopes to get Beyoncé to cooperate with him so that he can give out tickets to her upcoming New York concert in exchange for guns that are handed in, along with $250 cash.

While there are materialistic benefits to participating in this program, there is also mentorship opportunity.

“In my perfect world, I’d love to have a gift package for signing up for the mentorship program that is worth way more than $250,” Williams said. “I think that when you’re dealing with younger people, you have to offer a little more to incentivize them.”

The program is aimed at having young ethnic men give up there weapons so they can have a hand at an alternative life, as a large percentage of shooting suspects in New York are minorities, while a large majority of the victims are youths of New York.

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