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Arizona Senate president statement on illegal immigrant release

PHOENIX — Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs released the following statement on Wednesday in regards to the release of illegal immigrants by the Department of Homeland Safety.

It has not been altered in any way.

“The Obama White House is in full damage control tonight, with the resignation of a Homeland Security Department official over the ill-advised decision to release hundreds of illegal immigrants from jails in Arizona and other states. The decision to set free these criminals under the guise of sequestration is politics at its worst and puts public safety in danger.

Instead of sitting down with Republican leaders to come up with a solution to the problem, the administration is fear mongering. It is pretty clear Homeland Security thought the release of dangerous individuals into the community would reinforce their arguments over the seriousness of sequestration, but they badly misjudged their actions.

The political games played by the administration are now putting us all at risk. This must stop. Today’s resignation is hopefully the first sign that the administration realizes it made a big mistake and will stop any more releases.”