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From ghostly ghouls to Kim Kardashian, relive 100 years of Halloween costumes

Halloween: A long-celebrated holiday where kids and adults alike get to take the night off, get dressed up in a costume of their choice and feast on candy.


Sorry, getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Maybe you’ve already chosen this year’s costume or maybe you’re still looking.

No Halloween costume? No worries!

Dip back into the “Ghosts of Halloween Costumes Past” and watch’s video of the most popular Halloween costumes from the past 100 years.

From the classic Catwoman to remaking the iconic outfits from Britney Spears’s hit “Baby…One More Time” to the queen of breaking the internet, Kim Kardashian, you will get to relive all the classics dating back to the creepy masks in 1915.

Maybe it’ll hit you with some inspiration!

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