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Rollover accident jams up EB I-10 at 24th St.

PHOENIX — A rollover accident on eastbound Interstate 10 at 24th Street Wednesday closed all but the emergency lane and created a 43-mile logjam over three freeways.

The mess lasted for five hours hours, finally clearing around 11 a.m.

Commuter traffic was delayed after a flatbed truck carrying mulch flipped over, spilling its load, affecting traffic on Interstate 17 and State Route 51.

Traffic on I-10 was pushed back 13 miles. Some cars managed to sneak past using the shoulder.

The backup also spilled over onto southbound I-17, with a 17-mile ribbon of brake lights snaking from the closure to Bell Road.

The Piestewa Freeway was tied up for 13 miles.

By 10 a.m. two lanes were open on I-10.