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Officials: Daily safety inspections to be conducted on Arizona State Fair rides

PHOENIX — The Arizona State Fair opens its doors tomorrow, but today workers were putting the finishing touches on rides and conducting safety inspections.

Fair workers inspect the rides each morning, and a private firm also checks the rides randomly at various attractions.

Barry Schaible, a senior field representative for Coulter Associates, said inspectors check for loose bolts and mechanical wear and tear from use. He told Cronkite News that most of the dangers on rides come from the fairgoers.

“It’s the guests acting up on rides,” he said. “Most of our injuries happen because the guests do not listen to rules, they do not listen to safety.”

The rules are posted outside each ride.

“Safety is priority one. These rides are very safe,” said Chris Lopez, vice president of Ray Cammack Shows, which contracts with the state to put on the fair. “These rides are very safe. My kids ride these rides and we’re very proud of what we do here.”

Cammack said the state fair rides are safer than amusement park rides because they are taken apart and reinspected when moved to another fair.

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