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In-N-Out retains family history with slow expansion

Even with the abundance of fish and chicken sandwiches, along with breakfast at fast food restaurants, In-N-Out Burger stays true to its roots with a basic and home-like feel.

According to, In-N-Out refuses to franchise its restaurants, while keeping a slow but steady expansion.

“Our focus (is) on quality. I think the customers really respect that,” said In-N-Out Burger President Lynsi Torres. “I do try to keep that family atmosphere here. That’s very important to me.”

Only 30, Torres inherited the family business after a series of untimely deaths among her seniors.

The company has risen from 202 to 281 restaurants since Torres’ grandmother, Esther Snyder, passed away in 2006.

Torres focuses a heavy emphasis on keeping things original.

“We’re not changing things like many other companies do,” she said. “That’s kept us unique; it’s kept the customers feeling like we’re not a sellout.”