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Carnival Triumph passengers part of class action lawsuit

After the events of the Carnival Triumph voyage, passengers are looking to sue for their recent inconvenience.

NBC News reported that though passengers are looking to sue, they may have some trouble due to the contract they signed before boarding the cruise.

“The Carnival passenger contract is standard,” said Steve Danishek, a travel industry analyst based in Seattle. “They protect the cruise lines from all sorts of liability and make it incredibly difficult for a passenger to take any legal action against them.”

A Miami law firm specializing in maritime lawsuits has filed a class action lawsuit in the name of the passengers present.

The class action complaint claims passengers were given “spoiled or rotting food that was unfit for reasonable safe human consumption, and were generally forced to live in squalid conditions that created a severe risk of injury, illness and/or disease.” The lawsuit alleged that the “unbearable” conditions “caused numerous passengers to vomit and/or become nauseous.”

According to the contract that passengers signed, because Carnival has chosen to refund customers, they don’t have to take liability for any other damages caused.

Though the contract makes the lawsuit difficult to carry through, cases such as these have succeeded due to certain loopholes and specific rules.