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Here’s hoping your Arizona neighborhood could survive zombies, vampires and ghosts

(AP Photo)

As Halloween gets closer, online real estate website Trulia is trying to warn neighborhoods of potential undead threats through its “unnatural hazards” map feature.

While Trulia has mapped natural hazards in neighborhoods for the past few years, the new map highlights, “areas we’ve identified as hotbeds for Zombie Infestation, Ghost Sightings and Vampire Bites.”

While the website team decided to have fun with the maps, the science behind the mapping is detailed — including using cemetery data from the United States Census to map zombie infestation hot spots, along with locations of hospitals and medical centers as places vampires were most likely to get their fix.

Bad news, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Phoenix and Glendale: The map shows the chance of zombie domination as pretty high in those cities. Paradise Valley and Scottsdale — you’re cool.


Phoenix and Glendale residents should also get comfortable making some spooky friends, as the map indicated those areas were likely for regular ghostly encounters.


“True Blood” or “Twilight” fans should head to Tempe and Mesa to mix and mingle with some sharp-toothed neighbors.


It looks like the Valley is in for a scare.

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