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3D movies leave adults sickened

A recently conducted study shows that, after seeing 3-D movies, adults leave the theater with nausea, headaches and vision problems.

According to NBC News the study showed that 55 percent of those that viewed 3-D films developed some small illness after the film as opposed to the 14 percent of those that viewed 2-D films did.

The main complaints that viewers of 3-D films had was strained eyes, blurred vision, or they had some trouble focusing. One in 10 felt queasy.

Angelo Solimini, adjunct professor and research scientist in hygiene and public health at Sapienza University of Rome gave a possible reason for these illnesses.

It’s because the distance at which our eyes converge is different from where they focus. This mismatch causes extra work for the visual system that for some individuals may result in these annoying side effects.

Solimini also said that that this was not a reason to stop showing 3-D movies, for the illnesses disappear quickly after the removal of the 3-D glasses, unless the viewer had a headache.