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New iPhone hack leaves information vulnerable

A glitch in the iOS 6.1 operating system for iPhones makes sensitive data such as contact information and photos easily accessible.

According to Tech News Daily, the security flaw can be employed by manipulating the button push sequence, the emergency call sequence and then the screen-shot feature.

The glitch was discovered by Vulnerability Lab CEO Benjamin Mejri. The phone will go into a “black screen mode,” explained Mejri regarding the use of the hack. Upon this black screen, a person can upload contact information, photos and other sensitive information to a USB device and move it to their own computer.

Apple recently released an update which failed to address the glitch. It only corrected the calendar app and battery life.

Luckily the hack can only be performed in a physical manner, so as long as users keep a grip on their device, it should not be able to be hacked.