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Rogue hackers emerging as larger threat than those associated with foreign militaries

Independent hackers may now be a bigger threat than foreign hackers.

According to David Francis of the Business Insider, the true cyber threat comes from those without organization or military connections.

One major rogue hacking group is Anonymous that acts on claims of vigilance as opposed to the Chinese military which only supposedly hacks to get information on Americans.

These rogue groups like Anonymous could possibly pose even more of a threat than the Chinese military.

These hackers aren’t concerned with the long-term consequences of their actions. They just want to cause chaos.

Specifically, Francis references the idea that hackers are turning to organized crime, and are distributing malicious viruses across the Internet.

“This is the year where you’re going to see political and social indicators become the primary causes for events that happen in cyberspace,” Tom Kellermann, vice president of cyber-security for Trend Micro, told Francis.