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Phoenix may introduce bike-share system

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Street Transportation Department submitted a request for proposal, or RFP, Tuesday for a possible bicycle-sharing program near the light rail.

According to the Downtown Devil, this system hopes to promote an effective and sustainable means of alternative transportation for local residents.

“Bike share helps extend the reach of residents. It can extend the reach of the light rail for two to three miles with a bike trip,” said Jeff Stapleton, senior policy advisor to Mayor Greg Stanton. “Bike share is an overall philosophy to improve transit for the citizens of Phoenix.”

Phoenix is not the first highly populated area to consider adopting this type of system. Other areas, like Washington, D.C., founded Capital Bikeshare, a program that provides over 1,500 bicycles for rent per day.

“It’s time for Phoenix to grow up, it’s one of the biggest cities in the country. It has to act like one,” Stapleton said.

The Downtown Devil reported that Phoenix, and its 1.5 million inhabitants, has four potential candidates for the city’s bicycle-sharing system. Alta Bicycle Share, B-Cycle, Bike Nation and Cycle Hop/Social Bikes are all potential suppliers of bicycles and their rental stations.

The RFP is designed specifically to find a contractor to construct, sustain and market the bicycle-sharing system prior to the proposed December 2013 launch date, according to the City of Phoenix.