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Report: Office snacking has proven to deteriorate health

Office workers are rapidly gaining weight due to the snack foods they eat during the course of a normal day.

According to Mail Online, office snacks are continuing to cause mass weight gain, even forcing female eaters on average to go up a whole dress size over the course of a year.

Males aren’t immune to the problem either, going up 5.2 pounds on average per year according to the report.

The most common of work snacks are biscuits, followed by chocolate, crisps, and then cakes. Biscuits and cakes were also listed as the most tempting treats, because they are constantly brought into the work place.

The Daily Mail attributed stress as the main reason why people are doing so much snacking at work. For many, snacking has also replaced full meals at the office.

The report, which was based on a survey given specifically to office workers that snack during work, revealed that 48 percent admit to not feeling full or satisfied after lunch.

“If people ate a more fulfilling lunch in the first place, they’d feel satisfied for longer and wouldn’t feel the need to reach for snacks,” nutritionist Sarah Brewer said. “Not only would a change in the choice of lunch help prevent weight gain and an evening of regret, it could also help with energy levels and reduce symptoms such as bloating.”