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Phoenix asked to make bid for 2024 Olympics

Phoenix could play host to the 2024 Olympic Games.

According to the New York Times, Phoenix was one of 35 U.S. cities encouraged by the Olympic Committee to apply to host the games.

The list includes 25 of the largest cities in the country and others that have previously expressed interest in hosting the Olympics. They range in size from New York, with 8.2 million people, to Rochester, with 210,000, and many are probably virtually disqualified by the requirements listed in the letter, which include having 45,000 hotel rooms available for the Games.

In addition to the hotel requirement, host cities are required to build an Olympic Village for 16,500 athletes and operation for 15,000 media members. Public transportation must be available and a work force of 200,000 is necessary.

The last two cities to apply, New York and Chicago, spent more than $10 million in their bids.