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Phoenix doctor apologizes for vicious tweet

A day after tweeting to a Colorado reporter
to take in a movie at the theater that was the scene of a mass shooting, a Phoenix doctor has apologized.

Pediatric cardiologist Dr. Scott Schnee issued the apology Wednesday morning:

“Mr. Dater:

Last night I tweeted unconscionable statements to you for which I owe an apology not only to you but to anyone who has read these tweets via subsequent news coverage or in numerous social media channels. I am especially sorry to those whose loved ones or friends were victims in the horrible massacre in the Aurora theater. I can offer no excuse. I can only express my sincerest and heart-felt apologies for my poor judgment that has offended so many.

Scott Schnee”

Tuesday evening Schnee tweeted to Adrian Dater of the Denver Post in response to Dater’s comments about the Phoenix Coyotes.

Schnee posted, “Go catch a movie in Aurora,” a reference to last summer’s mass shooting at an Aurora, Colo. screening of “Dark Knight Rises.”

Schnee is affiliated with Banner Health, which released two statements, the last one prefacing Schnee’s apology:

“While we cannot discuss employee matters publicly, Dr. Schnee’s apology to Mr. Dater (below) was the right thing to do.”