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Vandals in Ahwatukee cause $40K in damage

PHOENIX — Police are looking for vandals who have broken windows in cars and homes in Ahwatukee with pellet guns and rocks.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Trent Crump said there has been approximately $40,000 worth of damages. While there have not been many details regarding the suspects, police do have a lead on a possible get-away car.

“It’s a gray midsize sedan that’s either a Ford Focus-type or Chevy Malibu vehicle with tinted windows,” Crump said.
“But probably most importantly [there’s] a black stripe down both sides of it.”

Crump said that although nothing has been reported stolen, there have been 50 incidents in the past few weekends. He added that the crimes normally occur late at night into the early morning and happen mostly around parties.

“If you add these incidents together we believe that about 50 of them in the past couple weekends may be attributed to the same group and so we’re wanting to put a stop to it,” Crump said.

Police said that anyone with details is asked to call Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS.