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Arizona to emphasize more training for motorcyclists

PHOENIX — Gov. Jan Brewer and state agencies are joining forces to help stop a deadly trend.

In 2010, there were 99 motorcycle-related deaths. In one year, the number spiked to 157.

“I see a lot of kids splitting lanes or acting goofy. It eventually gets them hurt,” said Daniel Bartlett, owner of Arizona Victory Motorcycle and longtime rider.

The governor has called upon the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Arizona Department of Transportation to develop a strategy to help combat the growing number of motorcyclists who are killed on Arizona roadways. The agencies have one year to devise a plan, however there will be a recommendation for more training and education.

“Education is especially important for these young riders, it keeps them from doing these dumb stunts,” Bartlett said.

He added that learning defensive driving would help inexperienced riders learn how to share the road with careless drivers.