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Attorneys: Jodi Arias testimony getting tiresome, off-topic

After the judge of the Jodi Arias trial called in sick, the public was spared late this week of hearing Arias continue to ramble about raunchy details and less about the day of the murder of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

“They are sick and tired of hearing about the fact that they had a freaky sexual relationship. They want her to get to the point, get to the day of the murder,” said legal expert Brian Foster.

Arias has testified that Alexander used to beat her regularly, but her testimony has not focused on that.

“Everything that she is saying is to help her…There is no evidence that corroborates almost everything she is talking about,” attorney Monica Lindstrom said. “What we’ve learned over the past week of testimony is more about Jodi and how she was more soft-spoken, she was very pleasing meaning she would like to please people and especially Travis Alexander. We’ve also learned more about Travis Alexander that he wasn’t the front that he put on to his community, there was a lot more to him, there was a lot more to the relationship besides the sex there was a lot of role play there was a lot of abuse on both sides and not physical abuse but more along the emotional side.”

Throughout the testimony Arias has elaborated on mundane details and Foster said that, in cross examination of her facts, Arias will be “hammered,” essentially ruining her defense.

“When you give a lot of detail, you’re obviously
setting yourself up for anybody undermining any singular point that you’ve made and so they’ve given the prosecution and their team of investigators a lot to work with. She didn’t come up with this self-defense argument or defense until literally three years or so after she was arrested, she came up with that with her attorney.”

Lindstrom agreed with Foster, saying there are not a lot of facts to back-up Arias’ explicit testimony.

“She’s testified so far to five instances of physical abuses, but there’s no evidence, like Brian said, there’s no evidence there’s no police reports, nothing, I would expect some kind of bruises or you know something but there’s just nothing,” Lindstrom said. “He used her for sex in the bedroom and the when it came out in public he didn’t even want to hardly acknowledge her.”

The trial is scheduled to continue Tuesday, Feb. 19. Arias faces the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder in Travis Alexander’s killing.

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