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Phoenix passengers boo flight attendant for booting woman

PHOENIX — A flight attendant was booed Sunday after kicking a woman off a flight at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The New York Daily News reports the unidentified woman was asked to leave the American Airlines jetliner by a flight attendant after she did not clear the aisle before takeoff. The woman claimed she did not hear the flight attendant’s request.

Before she could complain to another crewmember, the male flight attendant asked her to leave the Portland-bound plane. A short argument ensued, in which the woman pleaded to be left on the flight. Another flight attendant told her she could either comply or law enforcement would be notified, a video showed (WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE).

As the woman was escorted off the plane, a chorus of boos rang out among the passengers, with several saying they planned to never use the airline again.

In a statement, American Airlines said it was working to get a better understanding of the incident and booked the woman on the next flight to Portland.

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