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Phoenix mayor assuages merger relocation fears

PHOENIX — Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said he has been assured by executives from both US Airways and American Airlines that Phoenix will remain a major hub after the merger that has created the world’s largest airline, the new American Airlines.

Stanton was also assured that there will be no big job losses in the Valley, outside of losing the airline’s corporate office to Texas. Stanton said losing the headquarters is disappointing but he sees this union of US Airways and American as nothing but positive.

“This will continue to be a major, major employment center for this new airline.”

Stanton said the merger is a huge plus for Phoenix because direct flights to Asia and Europe will go a long way in improving the Valley economy.

“This will open up international possibilities. Phoenix is an international city and this is an international economy.

American Airlines and US Airways executives have also dispelled rumors that there would major flight cuts with the merger. The airlines have only 12 routes that overlap.

Americans eventual departure from Terminal 3 leaves open the possibility of Alaska Airlines and/or United eventually leaving the airports oldest facility at Terminal 2.