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Arizona senator introduces parental rights bill

PHOENIX — A parental rights bill, introduced by Sen. Nancy Barto, is making its way through the Arizona Legislature.

Under current Arizona law, a parent who has custody of a child can move up to 100 miles without letting the other spouse know. Senate Bill 1073 would change that. It would require that the parent be notified no matter what the distance of the move is, even if it’s just down the street.

“There will be a notice telling why they’re moving, and a little bit more information,” said Barto. “This is to give the other parent an opportunity to object.”

Barto said SB 1073 makes sure that both parents are treated fairly in custody issues.

“It insures that parents with joint custody rights can get a hearing in a timely matter so that neither parent, mother or father, has to go months and months without seeing their child,” she said.

Barto said she introduced the bill after hearing complaints from male constituents that they aren’t being treated fairly when it comes to child custody.

Both bills have cleared a Senate committee and are now headed to the full Senate for consideration.