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Allegiant Airlines not planning on Sky Harbor move

PHOENIX — Allegiant Airlines said it has no intention of moving into Sky Harbor if American Airlines and US Airways merge.

Right now, American Airlines’ home is Terminal 3, which they share with Delta, Frontier and others. US Airways is at Terminal 4 with Southwest Airlines.

The new ‘American’ airlines would open up a spot for another airline, but Jessica Wheeler with Allegiant said they’re perfectly happy at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

“We have a lot routes in and out of Mesa. We just opened a new route from Mesa to Honolulu. We’re happy there and we have no immediate plans to make a move to Sky Harbor.”

Reuters has reported that American and US Airways could sideline some of their aircraft if they merge and Allegiant could be in the market for used planes. Wheeler said there are no plans to start buying up the aircraft now but she isn’t ruling it out completely in the future.

“With those aircraft being parked, the price could come down and open up the opportunity to pick up some MD-80s and 757s at a relatively low cost.”

The airlines would streamline operations at Sky Harbor in the event of a merger. US Airways currently has 50 gates at Sky Harbor with 250 to 300 flights per day. American has three gates and about 20 flights each day.