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Mais oui: Speaking 2nd language helps love life

PHOENIX — Forget the good looks and charming personality as a means to success in romance. Learn to speak another language.

Online learning company Rocket Languages surveyed 5,000 people and found almost 80 percent of those polled find a person more attractive and intelligent if he/she spoke a different language.

Some of the worst pickup lines ever, including ‘I lost my phone number, can I have yours?’ is a top line when delivered in French, Italian or Spanish, the top three languages of love, according to Rocket. English ranked fourth.

“What happens is the woman gets curious. Not so much about the pickup line but because it’s being delivered with an accent,” said Valley dating coach Joane Cohen.

“It doesn’t come across as cheesy but cute as the guy is trying something from another country so it’s more appealing.”

But Cohen said the best way to meet someone special is to leave the house and the language learning tapes behind.

“Go to a singles event, a party, talk to someone in a grocery store. Take a little risk and open yourself up,” she said.