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Valentine’s Day deals mostly pass consumer inspection

PHOENIX — The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures randomly selected 29 Valley businesses to see if consumers were being charged correctly ahead of Valentine’s Day and a majority passed the test.

The agency specifically inspected items typically associated with Valentine’s Day, including diamond and gold jewelry, designer perfume, cologne and women’s lingerie.

“If they’re advertising it, they’re supposed to give you the price. If they don’t, call us we can help,” said ADWM spokesperson Shawn Marquez.

According to a news release, of the 29 inspections, state officials scanned 1,425 individual products for price accuracy. A 98.6 percent compliance rating was achieved overall.

However, 19 retailers were found to be overcharging. Scanning discrepancies at four retailers resulted in $1500 in civil penalties.

Inspection data revealed the prominent area of consumer overcharges was found in the perfume department.