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Death row appeal for ‘Baseline Killer’ Mark Goudeau begins Tuesday

Mark Goudeau listens as the prosecution makes its closing arguments during his trial in Maricopa County Superior Court on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2007, in Phoenix. Goudeau faces 20 criminal charges stemming from a Sept. 20, 2005, sexual assault. (AP Photo/John Severson, Pool)

PHOENIX — Oral arguments in the so-called “Baseline Killer’s” death row appeal will start Tuesday in the Arizona Supreme Court.

After being convicted of 67 felonies — including nine murder charges and ultimately being sentenced to death — Mark Goudeau and his legal team will make their case as to why they believe the jury and judge in his original trial got the verdict wrong.

KTAR News’ Legal Analyst Monica Lindstrom said there are 17 specific issues Goudeau’s team plans to question.

“The appeal issues include everything from whether the law enforcement had the right to search Goudeau’s apartment, to how they collected evidence, to whether or not the judge should have allowed certain pieces of evidence into the trial,” she said.

Lindstrom said Goudeau got an automatic appeal because he is on death row. Depending on the outcome of Tuesday’s hearing, she said the “Baseline Killer” could appeal again.

“If Goudeau and his legal team do not like the results of this particular appeal, they could appeal it to the United States Supreme Court,” Lindstrom said.

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