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Politicians seeking to lure Hollywood to Arizona

PHOENIX — Some Arizona politicians want to bring back financial incentives for filmmakers, among others.

A bill has been introduced at the state legislature that would include tax incentives to the multimedia industry, which includes films, documentaries, television shows, commercials, video games and other projects.

“When it comes to major motion pictures, the decision is basically made on the economics, which state is going to carry the move the furthest,” said Phoenix Film Office Program Manager Phil Bradstock.

Between 2006 and 2010, Arizona offered tax credits.

“Prior to the incentive we were doing about $23 million worth of economic spending within the greater Phoenix area from the film industry,” said Bradstock. “Once the incentive was in place, we rose to $35 million the following year.”

Since the incentives stopped in Dec. 2001, Bradstock said related spending in the Valley has dropped 45 percent.

Phoenix city council members will discuss whether to support the legislatin introduced by Sen. Al Melvin of Tucson. The city supported similar legislation in 2010, 2011 and 2012, but state lawmakers failed to approve it.

Currently, Arizona is among 11 states that offer no film or multimedia tax incentives.