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Lawmaker wants warning labels on medical pot edibles

PHOENIX — Arizona Republican Senator Kimberly Yee has introduced two bills to toughen restrictions on medical marijuana.

Yee wants marijuana edibles sold in state dispensaries to have warning labels, such as those you find on packages of cigarettes. Currently, the labels must list ingredients but do not state that the product is for medicinal use only.

Yee said it’s clear that products that contain medical marijuana like cookies, brownies, lollipops and even a candy bar called Zonka are being aimed at kids. She said her bills are designed to make it clear to minors who are medical marijuana cardholders that this product is for medicinal purposes and only for legitimate cardholders.

“The states medical marijuana program approved two years ago by voters allows minors to have a medical marijuana card. Many voters didn’t know that when they passed the law.”

Under Yee’s proposals, dispensaries could have their license revoked if they dispense or advertise marijuana that is packaged for anything but medicinal purposes.

The second bill introduced by Yee would give police the power to destroy medical marijuana plants seized during a criminal investigation, once the investigation is complete instead of being forced to feed and water the plants in the event the court orders the plants returned to the patient.