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Coming through! Cleanup begins after Phoenix Open

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The Waste Management Phoenix Open is over, but cleanup from the tournament has just begun.

Crews started clearing out trash Sunday night, and they continued the cleanup Monday morning.
Scott Jenkins, director of collection operations for the tournament sponsor, said the biggest mess was found at the 16th hole at TPC of Scottsdale.

“Lot of beer cups, a lot of beer cups. We spend a lot of time removing the cups and those types of materials from the 16,” Jenkins said. “There’s a lot of liquid that comes along with that. It makes the bags a little heavier, but we’re prepared for that.”

This is the second year of Waste Management’s Zero Waste Challenge. The hope is no trash left behind from the Phoenix Open will be sent to the landfill. Instead, the materials will be taken to recycling and compost stations.

“Well over half a million pounds of material is what we’re looking to recycle. There’s no trash coming out of the Phoenix Open,” said Brad Pollock, director of recycling operations. “Everything that leaves here is going to go to a processing facility for recovery.”

Crews will also start breaking down tents and grandstands Monday. The course should be completely cleared in about two weeks.