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Arizona legislator sets sights on Remington firearms

PHOENIX — Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gosar is suggesting that Remington Arms lock it up in New York state and load up for a move to Arizona.

Gosar has written Remington that New York’s gun control laws, which are among the nation’s toughest, should tell the business that it’s no longer welcome there. Gosar has officially extended an invitation to the firearms giant to move to Arizona.

Glenn Hamer heads up the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and agrees with Gosar’s assessment of New York.

“Why any company would do business in the state of New York is beyond me. It has a very hostile business environment,” Hamer said.

Hamer said Remington has almost 900 employees at the New York manufacturing plant (corporate headquarters are in North Carolina and the company has three other manufacturing facilities) and generates about $250 million in sales each year. A relocation to Arizona would pump millions into the state’s economy.

Arizona is home to more than 100 companies that make firearms and components, including Ruger in Prescott and American Spirit Arms in Scottsdale.

Gosar has suggested Remington set up shop near Buckeye, or in Gila, Mohave, Yavapai and Yuma counties.